Why Choose Our Products

Good for Body

Our products are made from natural ingredients with numerous health benefits. No harsh chemicals, preservatives or fillers are used.

Good for Mind

Enjoy a relaxing candle-lit bath, exfoliate your body with Cleansed scrubs and soak in the goodness. Be present & spoil yourself with “me time"

Good for Planet

All our packaging is recyclable. We use glass instead of plastic. The jars can be re-used to store anything you choose.

Many of the products which we use daily contain toxic ingredients which damage our health & destroy the planet – instead of getting angry about this, the Cleansed team decided to provide a solution.

Cleansed was created in order to provide healthy alternatives to some of the toxic products found on the shelves. Instead of having a long label full of poisonous ingredients, all Cleansed products are made from natural ingredients, and are free from harsh chemicals. Our products are sold in re-usable glass jars as opposed to plastic – thereby also improving the health of our planet.

Without good health, we have nothing, so always be mindful of the products you choose for yourself and your family – by making better choices we can prevent, and even alleviate illness, and also mitigate the destruction of our planet. Ready for positive change? Check out our range of Natural Products to assist you on the journey to your new, Cleansed life.

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